School in Session at Mercy Hospital Springfield

School is officially in session at the Health Sciences Academy at Mercy, a joint venture with the Springfield R-12 School District.

More than 50 eighth graders donned red scrubs and made their way to the newly-constructed classrooms at Mercy Hospital Springfield the morning of August 11. "We're proud of you," Principal Matt Hudson told the students. "Wear these red scrubs with pride. They're unlike anything you'll see on campus here."

For the entire school year, the students -- who were selected by a lottery -- will look through the lens of health sciences in the specially designed state-of-the-art classrooms. They'll have access to Mercy's wide array of expertise and technology.

"Opportunities are all in front of you; you guys are pioneers," said Jay Guffey, COO of Mercy Hospital Springfield, to the new group of students. "To our knowledge, there is no other program like this in the country. You're bringing something to the community that we've never seen before."

According to the Springfield News-Leader, support services at the R-12 district are still available to the students. They'll have access to a school nurse, counselor, physical education, and art and music. They'll be transported to Pershing Middle School each day for extracurricular activities.

Click here to learn more about Health Sciences Academy. Also, visit Mercy's Facebook page for photos from the first day of classes.

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