Pack Your Picnic Basket with Healthier Options

Spring has officially begun! Soak up some warmer weather by enjoying a picnic. However, try to avoid the standard potato chips, sugary beverages and fatty/salty meats. Here are some healthier picnic picks from Mercy dietitians:

Potato Salad. Try a mustard based dressing or replace some of the mayo with low-fat yogurt or low-fat sour cream.

Oven fried chicken. Try rolling chicken in egg whites and panko bread crumbs or corn flakes and baking in oven.

Hummus and vegetables. Get fiber, protein, and vitamins and minerals by dipping your favorite vegetables into a hummus dip.

Fruit kebabs. Make your fruit easier to eat by cutting into bite sized pieces and stringing it on to the skewers.

Pinwheels. For a healthy twist use laughing cow or lower fat cream cheese with a whole wheat tortilla.

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