Mercy Fitness Center’s Top 7 Tips for Surviving the Holidays

Have you had a diet or fitness plan fizzle out just weeks, or even days, into the New Year? Why not beat the crowds and focus on your routine now, before the pressure begins to mount?

Zach Ganska, fitness specialist and certified kettlebell functional movement specialist (CK-FMS) with Mercy Fitness Center, offers the following “top 7” list to help you survive the next few weeks.

7.  Plan. Failing to plan is planning to fail. Write out your schedule each week and include all social commitments. Plan out shopping and cooking to achieve the healthiest holiday possible.

6. Be honest with yourself. Your behavior will be the same as it's always been in the environment you're in. Don't tell yourself you'll have different outcomes when making the same choices.

5. Prioritize. Heavy foods are entwined with celebrating. Use the schedule you created to pick 1-2 meals every week to fully enjoy the occasion.

4.  Take responsibility. No one is going to intervene on your behalf to make this stressful season easier. It’s up to you to plan and follow through.

3.  Socialize. Technology makes it simple to find others with similar goals. Make an “accountabil-a-buddy” group to plan, shop, cook and train together.

2.  Truly enjoy. Savor those pleasurable meals and experiences. Remember that the holidays are about whom we share them with and what we do. What we ingest is far less important.

1.  Move. Every day, throughout the day. Join a gym and begin a training program now based in progressive movement. Learn to use your body as it was designed.

Mercy Fitness Center is a medically-based facility; its philosophy, “move well, then move often,” is incorporated in every program. The goal is to help members resolve many of the nagging physical issues that have prevented them from moving consistently over the years.

The fitness center’s new programs teach members how to rationally regain their optimal movement patterns, while adding strength through bodyweight and kettlebell training. A complimentary movement assessment prior to participation will ensure the safest and most effective progress possible.

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