Mercy Fitness Center Springfield Launches “School of Strength”

The “School of Strength” is now in session at Mercy Fitness Center Springfield. The unique strength training uses kettlebells, barbells and body weight alongside advanced scientific knowledge of human movement and adaption.

Instructor Zach Ganska, who lost 50 pounds using these methods, transformed his body and personal health. “I had so much excess weight at age 25 that at one point I was on five different prescriptions, including high blood pressure medication. I don’t need them now because those issues naturally subsided.” Through the nationally-known StrongFirst program, Ganska began regularly training with kettlebells and stopped the behaviors that were creating his conditions. “I continually saw my strength increase as my weight decreased, proving that someone can be lean and strong while employing the principles of true strength training.”

Ganska is now a level II StrongFirst Kettlebell instructor and certified kettlebell functional movement specialist (CK-FMS). “There is an emphasis on strength serving a greater purpose,” he explained. “Optimal fitness and body composition carry over into how one thinks, feels and conducts oneself.”

Mercy Fitness Center Springfield is a medically-based facility; its philosophy, “move well, then move often,” is incorporated in every program – including the School of Strength. The goal is to help members resolve many of the nagging physical issues that have prevented them from moving consistently over the years.

“Humans are designed to be both strong and supple, but many of us have lost these qualities because of unhealthy lifestyles,” said Ganska. “As we pursue higher strength goals, we must learn how to regain our ability to move naturally. To become our best, we increase our ability to push, pull, squat, hinge and carry greater loads. Achieving greater levels of strength makes us discover and address our movement compensations, allowing us to become strong with or without weight in hand. The School of Strength is the perfect adjunct to the Functional Movement Systems (FMS) philosophy being integrated into all of Mercy’s fitness programs.”

All participants will have access to FMS movement screens and a required on-ramp class to measure participants’ physical limitations and ensure they are moving correctly.

“We make sure that whether you have a bad back, weak knee or other issues, you are training for your goals in a way that is correct for you,” said Ganska. “Each member will achieve personal bests in strength and movement provided they stay the course and follow the training plans presented in classes or posted daily for individual access. This approach makes the Mercy StrongFirst program the optimal form of training for anyone, regardless of age or fitness level. This is the opposite of other current popular exercise systems which attempt to force every individual to do the same movements and lifts, without first determining if they are actually capable of completing the prescribed activity, and what the overall impact is on their strength, movement and health.”

Ganska says he’s looking forward to helping others pursue School of Strength certification. “Five years ago, I didn’t think it was possible to achieve the strength milestones I’ve reached. I made too many excuses and told myself I was either too tall or too heavy – you name it. But being strong is a necessity, and at any stage of life. Whether developing strength to improve your quality of life or to maintain independent living, strength is the foundation to better functionality.”

Keep up with Ganska’s blog at For more information on Mercy Fitness Center Springfield, call (417) 887-9868, ext. 115.


Mercy Fitness Center/School of Strength Combined Membership
$25/month (with your Annual paid Mercy Fitness Center Membership)

For only an additional $25 per month, individuals who are paid Mercy Fitness Center Members can participate in our exclusive School of Strength program.  All newcomers to the School of Strength will initially be required to either test-out or participate in the Basics Workshop at no additional charge.

Mercy School of Strength Membership (only)
$45/month (6 month initial commitment)

Your Mercy School of Strength Membership includes:

Limited to School of Strength programming only Access to all classes at the School of Strength Annex All applicable programming Online and mobile access to class enrollment utilizing our new state-of-the-art Front Desk membership management system. All newcomers to the School of Strength will initially be required to either test-out or participate in the Basics Workshop at no additional charge.Show EMS Sitewide:

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