Who are the key staff members for Mercy Medical Travel, and what do they do?

Our Coordinators and Navigators are dedicated to the success of our Medical Travel program and the well-being of its participants.

Navigators are responsible for providing patients and caregivers with positive Mercy experiences. They accomplish this by escorting patients and caregivers to and from appointments, testing, procedures, and/or surgery.

Coordinators are responsible for getting patients into the Medical Travel program and coordinating their stays. They accomplish this by facilitating the collection and physician review of patient records and imaging, coordinating travel and logistics, creating itineraries for each patient’s care at Mercy (appointments, testing, surgery, etc), communicating with hometown physicians regarding the plan of care, and, if needed, checking with the patient to confirm that they are implementing the Mercy physician’s post-procedure recommendations at home.

Where do patients stay while in Springfield?

Springfield, Missouri has many hotel options at various price points. Mercy will work with patients and caregivers to determine the right location and options for their needs. The hotel name and address will be included on the personalized itinerary that the patient receives prior to their visit. Learn more about Springfield area resources.

Where will patients eat while in Springfield?

Springfield has many restaurant options at all different price points. In addition, patients and caregivers may eat at the Mercy Hospital cafeteria. Learn more about Springfield area resources.

How do patients get around while in Springfield?

The Mercy Medical Travel package includes patient and caregiver transportation to and from the airport, and between the hotel and Mercy. The Mercy Navigators and Coordinators arrange this transportation personally for each patient and his or her caregiver.

How easy is it for patients to communicate with program staff while in Springfield?

Mercy Navigators and Coordinators are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for patients who are in Springfield for Medical Travel. Mercy also loans an iPad to each patient for the duration of their visit in Springfield.

Can you tell me more about the iPads Mercy loans to patients?

Mercy issues each patient an iPad to use here in Springfield. The iPad is equipped with Vidyo software to enable face-to-face communication with Mercy Navigators and Coordinators. In addition, the patient/caregiver can also use the iPad to surf the internet and check email. The iPad must be returned prior to leaving Springfield. Mercy resets the iPad between patients.

What information will Mercy Medical Travel provide to the patient’s primary care physician?

The Mercy Medical Travel Coordinator communicates and coordinates care with the patient’s primary care physician, sharing the treatment plan along with any care instructions. Mercy Medical Travel is always available to speak with the primary care physician after the patient has returned home.

How does Mercy Medical Travel bill for services?

Mercy puts the professional (doctor, physician assistant, and/or nurse practitioner) and hospital charges into one package and sends them to the designated company for processing and payment.