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“The Families First Coronavirus Response Act requires private health plans (including insured, self-insured, and grandfathered, as defined in section 1251(e) of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act)) and government programs (including Medicare and Medicaid) to provide coverage for COVID-19 diagnostic testing and related services free of charge (without cost-sharing, such as deductibles, copayments, and coinsurance) to the public, through the end of the national COVID-19 emergency period.

Covered services and related cost waivers apply to diagnostic testing, healthcare provider services (in-person and telehealth), and facility costs (physician office, urgent care center, and emergency room) to the extent the costs are related to the evaluation and diagnosis of COVID-19. Prior authorization or other medical management requirements for such services do not apply through the end of the national COVID-19 emergency period. If the visit does not result in a COVID-19 test, or provides services unrelated to COVID-19 testing, cost-sharing and plan limitations may apply. The Families First Coronavirus Response Act does not require group health plans or insurers to cover treatment for complications related to COVID-19. If testing finds COVID-19 to be present, treatment of the complications will likely be subject to normal cost-sharing and network requirements.”


You trust your benefit administrator to quickly and accurately process claims, handle enrollment, and more. But our commitment goes beyond the day-to-day tasks of health management and benefit administration.

We’ve dedicated ourselves to developing innovative tools and programs that empower your employees to play a larger role in their care, because a stronger support system can reduce the workplace impact of chronic illness or significant life changes. And with happier, healthier employees, your business can increase its productivity and profitability.

Some of Our Partner Programs

These are just a few of the programs we can help you incorporate into your benefit solution.

Employee Assistance Program

Mercy’s Employee Assistance Program offers problem-solving tools and motivational support for employees facing difficult life challenges, including strained relationships, legal questions, debt management, mental illness, drug and alcohol dependence, and loss. Learn more.

Utilization Management

Mercy Benefit Administrators Utilization Management monitors and evaluates patient care and services to ensure high-quality, cost-effective care at the appropriate time, in a setting consistent with patient needs. Providers can begin the authorization process by submitting this form.

Corporate Health and Wellness

Mercy’s Corporate Health and Wellness programs help you keep your workforce healthy. By analyzing your workforce’s unique health risks using online assessments, custom solutions can be designed for individual employees. This support system extends beyond Mercy’s walls with mobile health, including mammograms, bone density scans, drug screening, wellness physicals, and more.